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Research indicates a strong link between satisfaction in romantic relationships and overall life satisfaction. Distressing relationships are linked to various physical, emotional, and psychological issues. Couples therapy provides a unique opportunity to nurture relationship health, offering a preventative approach to build resilience, strength, and commitment for lifelong success.

Although many therapists offer relationship counseling without specific training in couples therapy, it is crucial to seek providers with dedicated expertise in working with couples. Dr. Wildey stands out due to her highly specialized focus on couples therapy, supported by her extensive training as a clinical psychologist, clinical experience, teaching background, and active involvement in research- an uncommon combination in the field of couples therapy.


Dr. Wildey offers distinctive sessions that set her apart from most individual and couples therapists. She facilitates 75-minute extended couples therapy sessions, in contrast to the standard 50-minute duration. Dr. Wildey has found this extended time to be instrumental in navigating and fully processing breakthroughs that may occur during sessions which may otherwise be cut short within the confines of a 50-minute session. 

Current Rate:

75-minute session - $270


The above rate is comparable to what local clinical psychologists charge for a 50-minute session ($180-$200) and then prorated out to 75 minutes. Rates increase every year on January 1st to account for inflation and added expenses.

Given the specialized and limited nature of Dr. Wildey's practice, insurance is not accepted. Several forms of payment are accepted including cash, check, and credit/debit cards. Payments are due every session.

Cancellation Policy

As Dr. Wildey only works with four to five couples per week, she maintains a highly selective approach when choosing couples to work with, valuing and respecting the commitment of the reserved appointment time. Dr. Wildey expects couples to reciprocate this commitment to the scheduled meeting times. Therefore, she requires a minimum of three business days' notice for appointment cancellations to avoid a fee. This policy is in place to allow Dr. Wildey the opportunity to accommodate someone else during the reserved time.

Cancellation Fees:

Cancel within three business days but more than 24 hours from session time - 1/2 session fee

Cancel within 24 hours of session or no-show - full session fee

Premarital Course

For couples contemplating marriage or seeking a skills-based course, Dr. Wildey offers a three-session, semi-structured premarital course. Each session is 75-minutes in length. A standardized assessment is utilized to assess strengths and areas of growth and serve as the foundation for the sessions with Dr. Wildey. During each session, she provides resources, teaches skills, and facilitates discussions to assist couples in establishing a robust foundation of strength, resilience, and support within their relationship. It is crucial to note that this course differs from standard therapy, and as such, it does not include treatment components and does not extend beyond the three sessions.

Premarital course cost - $895
This cost includes the 3-session course and standardized assessment fee.

Course cost must be paid in full prior to the first session.

Investment: Text
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