I provide 75 minute extended couples therapy sessions instead of standard 50 minute therapy sessions. I have found the extra time to be critical to working through breakthroughs that can happen in sessions that may then get cut off with only 50 minutes to process.

Below you will find some details about the services I provide.



  • Dating support/challenges

  • Pre-marital counseling and prep

  • Building stronger connections and skills to strengthen a relationship

  • Helping couples regulate conflict, repair hurt/trauma, rebuild intimacy/connection

  • Transition related challenges including parenthood, blending families, divorce, physical/chronic health issues, empty nesting, retirement, unemployment, and career changes

  • Struggles with physical and/or mental illness that are impacting the relationship (e.g., one partner struggling with depression)

  • Affairs and addictions

  • Improving sex and intimacy

  • LGBTQ support and/or challenges

  • Navigating open and/or consensual non-monogamous relationships


I work with couples from diverse backgrounds with regards to age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. In addition, the couples I work with have many different types of relationships. For example, some couples seek counseling when they are in early dating stages of their relationship, whereas other couples have been in longer term relationships or are married when they seek counseling. I also work with couples prior to marriage seeking pre-marital counseling, those who are transitioning through a divorce (i.e., wanting to end a marriage in a healthy manner), and those who are in open or consensual non-monogamous relationships.


I am an integrative therapist, which means I tailor my approach to each couple and their individual needs. I specialize in couples therapy using a variety of evidence-based interventions including but not limited to Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Couples Therapy, Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy, Gottman techniques and interventions, and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). I tend to practice with a greater emphasis on EFT techniques. EFT is an approach to couples therapy that views the relationship as an attachment bond and helps couples to repair rifts between them to develop deeper and longer lasting intimacy and connection. There is a good body of evidence that now exists that shows EFT can lead to significant improvement for 70-75% of couples.



I currently do not work with individual clients for individual therapy. However, I may use individual therapy sessions to occasionally meet with each member within a couple. These sessions would be scheduled as individual therapy (50 minutes) sessions and would involve spending more time understanding individual dynamics that may be impacting the relationship. Individual sessions are used as a means to help advance the couple’s progress; they are not meant to serve as individual therapy for the person. In addition, my commitment is always to the couple as a whole, so information disclosed in individual sessions will not be kept private/confidential from the other partner indefinitely. I encourage each member of a couple to seek out their own individual therapist if there might be a need for such services. I am happy to provide referrals to individual therapists in the area.


Please contact me directly for fees for any speaking engagements or trainings if you are interested in these services.


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